When Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company brought their unique Disney co-branded coffees to the retail space, they chose Social Forces to support their launch efforts. Social Forces was engaged to create a cohesive social shopper marketing campaign that would highlight unique aspects of each blend across a suite of three Joffrey’s products – French Bistro Blend, Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Blend, and Organic Peru Alto Mayo. Through strategic campaign creative assets, Social Forces would seek to gain awareness, preference and sales for these exciting new products in grocery channel retail.


Joffrey’s is the official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, and Disney Vacation Club®. Joffrey’s products can be found throughout the parks and are even supplied in select resort rooms. Our goal was to strengthen the consumer’s association with the fun and excitement of their Disney experiences with their love for great coffee. Our idea: Let’s show consumers what it feels like when a sip of coffee takes you on a magical journey..


Social Forces built a campaign that would combine Disney brand appeal, important messaging around Organic, Fair Trade, and Conservation efforts, and an imaginative twist on the lifestyle experience of a typical consumer engaging with the product.

Joffrey’s Coffee - Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Blend

The first video in our series was rolled into the launch of a new product and an iconic campaign. We shared ideas and work with Disney as their team oversaw the worldwide rollout of Mickey’s 90th Anniversary. In August 2018, our video launched alongside Mickey’s 90th elements around the world – from art shows to designer shoes – and we showcased our own chunk of the excitement consumers felt bringing the celebration home.

Joffrey’s Coffee - French Bistro Blend

Long a staple in room stays and kiosks within Disney parks, bringing French Bistro Blend to retail consumers means bringing the Disney experience right into your cozy living room. Our video takes on a French flair to key in on our target’s worldly tastes and excitement for engaging travel experiences. Ohh la la!

Joffrey’s Coffee - PEru Alto Mayo Blend

The Peru Alto Mayo Blend is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Disney, Joffrey’s, and Conservation International to create an organic coffee that’s sustainably farmed and Fair Trade certified. Peru Alto Mayo reflects a true investment in the rainforest and the people of Peru. Our video highlights it all through one simple consumer experience.

The Joffrey’s Retail Launch campaign included a suite of lifestyle-oriented still imagery, a series of short videos, and a strategic plan for implementing these assets across multiple social media channels for any and all participating retailers. A focus on social platforms for this launch allowed for a highly efficient hyper-targeted approach to reaching consumers in their everyday life with a message that connects with them in a compelling way.

The campaign was introduced in Joffrey’s retail location in Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida and met with rave reviews from Disney enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. Joffrey’s unique social-first efforts in this campaign have been highlighted with an article in industry-leading publication Shopper Marketing Magazine and awarded by a juried panel in the American Advertising Awards.