As the new calendar year rolls in and vacation time begins anew, I always harken back to my pre-professional life.  In those days, “Fun Fridays” were a staple of my collegiate youth where we challenged each other to athletic feats (think golf, beach volleyball, biking, etc) then finished the day with the beverages of your choice.  Now, in case you are wondering, Fun Fridays are meant to be exactly like what they sound to be: A part of a day to do something fun at the end of a work week with the people you’re in the grind with every day.

As my place in the corporate culture grew over the years and I became established in corporate workplace scenarios, these days slowly disappeared. Before I made the switch from corporate America to a customer marketing agency, as an outsider looking in I assumed agency life still felt more relaxed and casually-paced with plenty of time for foosball and craft beer sampling….but not so fast.

I am amazed daily by the dedication to our craft, the time and focus it takes to service our accounts at the level I expected when I was a client. I’m amazed by the time and talent it takes to produce a high-quality creative product, to effectively optimize digital media buys, and to gain a true understanding of our clients’ businesses. I can’t begin to tell you what a big and pleasant surprise it is to work with a group of young, hungry and professional folks who provide our clients with truly outstanding social/digital advertising campaigns.

Yes, there’s still time to enjoy every day. But most of the fun we do is from the creation, execution and delivering the work to our clients. There is no slow time in a small business, or even a boutique shopper marketing agency anymore. We have, during the course of this past year, celebrated more than an occasional Fun Friday holiday with a game of “What’s Your Meme”, rented a large sport utility vehicle and went tubing, enjoyed a Guinness toast, watched some classic YouTube videos (for inspiration, of course), learned about the origins of some craft beers and went to the beach for cookout. But those times are more of an occasional treat than a cultural expectation.  

So yes, there is still time for a Fun Friday now and again--which is good thing remember as we move forward into a new year full of social shopper marketing activations. But this is what I now call “Fun Everyday.”


Ari Rothman is the VP/Accounts & Marketing Services at Social Forces, and a 20+ year CPG/retail and restaurant marketing veteran with account experience in integrated social media platforms and now leads new business development.  To contact Ari or hear more about Social Forces email or call 813-775-2282 Ext. 700