At Social Forces, we’re often approached by a franchisee, a regional operations/marketing leader or a small, local chain that is asking for help in social media. They want to know how we can support their business without compromising their relationship with a corporate HQ and align on social media without ever really having a conversation with the marketing, ops or sales leadership.  

You’re probably not surprised this is a common occurrence and a challenge for retailers, restaurant groups, and other businesses that still rely on actual foot traffic but feel like they’re not receiving the support from the home office. Understandably, these organizations are looking to maximize their social communities and engagement to influence purchase behavior and are even willing to get a slap on the wrist for aggressively spending their own budget to drive new business.  

So how do you, a regional retailer, make this happen without getting called to the office by the principal (in most cases, the marketing team)?

From my experience there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But through working collaboratively with world class brands since the inception of social media on these challenges, we have compiled some best practices on the topic:

  • Set realistic expectations for what can and can not be effectively done in the field  

  • Understand the internal audiences and follow established Brand Standards

  • Always include a “Call to Action” to allow for measurable results

  • Align measurements that can be shared with your corporate marketing team

If you can do much of the above right, you can probably receive praise from the brand/marketing teams, gain alignment from the sales or leadership team and maybe even get to the head of the class. If you are still feeling like you need some help on the sorting out of the details, like baselines for social engagements and interactions or the right copy on the proper channel, feel free to give me a call at 813-523-0111 or reach out to   


Ari Rothman is the VP/Accounts & Marketing Services at Social Forces, and a 20+ year CPG/retail and restaurant marketing veteran with account experience in integrated social media platforms and now leads new business development.  To contact Ari or hear more about Social Forces email or call 813-775-2282 Ext. 700